School of Business & Services 

If you aspire to succeed in the business world, then our School of Business & Services will give you a headstart. Our niche programmes in Business Services, Lifestyle and Wellness will encourage our students to adopt a 'customer service' mindset, cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit and display confidence and pride as a service professional. 

Discover interesting key training facilities at our School of Business & Services. 

Key Training Facilities 

Airport Premium Lounge (Business Blk, Level 1)

Our Airport Premium Lounge enables the effective training of various aviation customer service related skills. Students from Higher Nitec in Passenger Services have the opportunity to practise technical knowledge such as verifying passengers’ travel documents, knowing different types of security measures and procedures, and security screenings. They will also learn about lounge operations and beverage services. 


Beauty Therapy Training Centre (Business Blk, Level 1)

The Beauty Therapy Training Centre is specially built to support the Nitec in Beauty & Wellness and Higher Nitec in Beauty & Wellness Management courses.  The Centre comprises three main studios, namely, Nail & Make-up Studio, Facial & Body Therapy Studio and Beauty & Wellness Spa. The objective of this teaching facility is to enable the effective training of various beauty-related skills.  

Hair Spa & Design Centre (Business Blk, Level 1) 

Set up to support the Nitec in Hair Fashion & Design course, the Hair Spa & Design Centre comprises 5 main studios, namely, Hairstyling Studio 1, Hairstyling Studio 2, Chemical Treatment Studio, Hair Wash Studio and Hair Spa.  In addition, there are 3 auxiliary studios - Photography Studio, Consultation Area and Hair Spa VIP Suite. 


Logistics Technology Hub (Technology Blk, Level 1)

The Logistics Technology Hub (LTH) is set up to train future logistics professionals under the Nitec, Higher Nitec and Work-Study Diploma logistics courses, in the skills identified under the Skills Framework for Logistics for warehouse automation. 

The technologies include hands-free wearables, automated sorted systems, autonomous robots (drones), Internet of Things (IoT), Collaborative robots and data analytics. These equipment and technologies are deployed to deepen the learning of innovation in supply chain productivity, efficiency and mobility. Combining academic curriculum with experiential learning pedagogy, students are able to explore and use their knowledge and skills to solve real world problem through inter-disciplinary approaches and activities. 

Wellness Centre (Business Blk, Level 1)

The Wellness Centre provides an authentic training environment which brings together the essence of beauty therapy, hairdressing and wellness management. Students will have a chance to experience serving clients in a premium salon setting which integrates services with a technology-enabled learning environment. 

The Centre offers training facilities for a full range of beauty therapy services, men’s barbering, hair salon services and a specialised lab for essential oil studies. 

The objectives of this facility is to provide beauty and hairdressing students with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with an environment which mirrors an actual salon. Simulation of salon operations and the experience of serving external clients in this Centre will enable the students to be more adequately prepared to progress into a real work environment.


Other Facilities

  • Enterprise Development Centre (Technology Blk, Level 1)
  • Human Performance Laboratory (Business Blk, Level 3)
  • Logistics Training Centre (Business Blk, Lower Ground)