School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology 

If you are fascinated with electronic devices and systems, new technologies, cyber and network security or web applications, then our School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology will help you discover your hidden technical skills and develop your digital dreams. 

Our School’s dynamic training environment and innovative teaching techniques enable you to acquire creative problem-solving capabilities as part of lifelong learning. Equipped with industry-relevant skill sets, enterprising mindsets and technological capabilities, which are critical success factors to ensure you are always career-ready and world-ready. 

Come discover interesting key training facilities at our School of Electronics & info-Comm Technology.

Key Training Facilities  


Electronics Makerspace (Technology Blk, Level 3)

The Electronics Makerspace provides a fun and engaging environment for students and staff to use Electronics as a creative medium and hands-on tool for Innovative and Explorative solutions for a smart nation.

This environment provides Skills Deepening through courses and confidence-building for Engineering and Non-engineering staff and students to learn.

Focused on cutting edge electronics technology and innovative tools, this explorative platform provides an arena for Collaborative Innovation Solutions.




iLab@CE (Technology Blk, Level 4) 

iLab@CE is designed to provide a learning space for lecturers to explore the use of technologies for technical education, develop and experiment new learning methodologies and activities, and develop innovation projects as learning tools to explore real applications of technologies.



Mixed Reality Centre (Technology Blk, Level 4)  

The Mixed Reality (MR) Centre provides immersive experience for technical training.  MR Applications is implemented in various industry skills trainings for visualisation of compounded objects, objects in design phase and inaccessible locations.  The Centre also has simulations on training environment for disaster prevention & recovery.  Mixed Reality technology provides consistent training process and ease of content update.




ITE Samsung Tech Hub (Technology Blk, Level 3) 

ITE-Samsung Tech Hub is designed to provide students with an authentic learning environment, integrating industry-centric curriculum framework to support the training of students in Nitec in Electronics courses. 

The Tech Hub imparts emerging technologies through the following solutions:  

  • Customer-Centric Services, Commercial Advertising and Merchandising Education 
  • Lifestyle and Entertainment 
  • Supervisory & CRM Capability Building 
  • Mobile Device Servicing Capability Building 
  • Repair, Test and Measurement Capability Building