School of Engineering 

If you are keen to apply engineering solutions innovatively to create a better environment for work, live and play, our School of Engineering provides market-relevant engineering programmes to help you with the learning of concepts and acquisition of technical skills. 

Learn in an authentic training environment to nurture in you, an inventive & entrepreneurial spirit, as well as values and attributes that will help you be successful in your careers.  You will acquire the technological, methodological and social competencies that empower you to be adaptive and responsive to the changing needs of the global economy. 

Explore the many interesting facilities in our School of Engineering.

Key Training Facilities 


Autobotics Centre
(Technology Blk, Level 1) 

The Autobotics Centre is modelled after an industrial application concept, with an emphasis on industrial automation & robotics, manufacturing as well as students’ interactions and involvement. 

Besides providing training on Automation and Robotic applications and concepts, it also develops the competencies and technical capabilities of students and staff in the Industry 4.0 technologies. Staff have the platform to explore and embark on various industry-linked projects and students acquire skills to operate Industry 4.0 systems and collaborative robots.  




Centre for Built Environment
(Technology Blk, Level 3)

The Centre for Built Environment is designed to give students holistic training on the different types of modern building systems and the way they are integrated for intelligent control and energy efficiency. 

Students learn to install, operate, troubleshoot and service various types of building equipment and controls used in building systems such as chilled water system, fire detection and protection system and swimming pool system. Students also learn to integrate these systems with the Building Management System software. 



ITE-Johnson Controls Building Technologies & Solutions Centre
(Technology Blk, Level 1)

The centre is designed to equip student professionals with skill sets that meet emerging needs in a smart living environment. As buildings becoming smarter with digitalisation, the centre aims to prepare students with up-to-date knowledge and skills to handle modern building systems, solutions and technologies, and promote smart and sustainable facilities management. The centre is also designed as a learning space for lecturers to explore, develop and experiment with new teaching pedagogies.




Landscape Courtyard
Business Blk, Lower Ground)

A real-world simulated environment, the Landscape Courtyard comprises 4 interactive zones: Landscape Courtyard, Urban Greenery Hub, Hort Hub and Nursery. The facility allows hands-on training for landscape maintenance from terrariums to tree climbing. With a 5m long green wall and 3m high waterfall, it is a lush and beautiful training area. Students will find learning horticulture at ITE exciting and fun! At the Wormery, students will learn about composting and organic fertilisers. 

Emerging technology and automation in Urban Greenery Management are showcased at the Gallery, as students learn to use equipment such as drones and sonic tomographs to conduct tree assessments. Comfortable air-conditioned classrooms fitted with the latest projectors are connected directly to the outdoor training areas, enabling students to learn the theory and immediately put them into practice. 

Plant for Authentic Learning (Technology Blk, Level 2)

The chemical process training workshop is equipped with scaled down process pilot plants commonly used in industry, to provide hands-on training in operating and controlling continuous processes in the petrochemical or pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. 



Vertical Transportation Laboratory
(Business Blk, Level 5)

The Vertical Transportation Laboratory is designed to provide students with a holistic training environment for lift and escalator systems. A 6-storey lift simulator at the indoor laboratory allows students to have a complete understanding of how a lift system works before their hands-on learning on an actual lift and escalator system located at the outdoor laboratory. 

Other Facilities

  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (Technology Blk, Level 6)
  • Biologics Process Laboratory (Technology Blk, Level 5)
  • Design & Make Fab (Technology Blk, Level 1)
  • Food Service Laboratory (Technology Blk, Level 6)
  • Intelligent Living Centre (Technology Blk, Level 1)
  • ITE-YEA Process Gas Chromatography Centre of Technology (Technology Blk, Level 1)
  • Lighting & Sound Laboratory (Business Blk, Level 2)
  • Microbiology Laboratory (Technology Blk, Level 6)
  • Pharmaceutical Process Laboratory (Technology Blk, Level 5)
  • Plant Equipment Workshop (Technology Blk, Level 5)
  • Plant Process Workshop (Technology Blk, Level 1)