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Course Duration

7 hours

Type of course


Campus where course is offered

ITE College West

Course Certification

SkillsFuture Certificate of Competency (CoC)

In this SkillsFuture Certificate of Competency (CoC) course, you will learn the basic skills of making espresso and standard espresso based beverages as well as an understanding of the coffee culture and the technical requirements of tasting coffee.

What you'll learn

  • Origins of coffee and its history
  • Different types of coffee varieties and roasts.
  • Importance of blending process
  • Terminologies used in the coffee industry.
  • Development of technology for espresso machine and roasting.
  • Impact of water technology affecting the making of espresso
  • Brewing an espresso and standard espresso based beverages
  • Prepare espresso and standard espresso based beverages
  • Practice coffee brewing 

Entry Requirements

This is an introductory course for learners who are new to the subject. No prior knowledge is required.

Fee for this course can be paid using SkillsFuture Credits. 
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SkillsFuture Course Reference Number: TGS-2019507284

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