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8 hours

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Short Courses

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ITE College Central

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On completion of this theory-based course, learners will gain knowledge and develop the foundational skills to read and understand cat body language, and perform basic grooming for your cat. You will also learn how to use positive and science-based methods to condition positive emotional responses, desensitise and counter-condition negative emotional responses to manage your cat's behaviour in fearful, anxiety-inducing and stressful grooming situations. 

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What you'll learn

  • Introduction to cat grooming
  • Basic cat body language
  • Fear, anxiety and stress signals in cats - grooming situations
  • Conditioning, desensitisation and counter-conditioning
  • Hygiene shaving of fur for cats
  • Nail clipping, ear cleaning, tooth brushing for cats
  • Brushing and drying of fur for cats
  • Undercoat removal and de-matting of fur for cats

Entry Requirements