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Course Duration

2 years 6 months

Type of course


Campus where course is offered

ITE College West

Course Certification

Technical Diploma

The ITE Technical Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management provides you with international perspectives of the hospitality industry, beyond hotels and restaurants, and updates you on current trends and pertinent issues within the field.

Leveraging on both the Swiss hospitality education excellence and the distinctive applied learning approach of ITE, you will be equipped with the hard and soft skills through capstone projects with real clients where you get to apply your learning in the “real world”.

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What you'll learn

  • Frameworks and global perspectives of hospitality businesses
  • Creativity, entrepreneurship and digitalization in the hospitality context
  • Apply entrepreneurial thinking and proactive solution-finding methodologies
  • Undertake tasks and responsibilities with quality and spirit of service as well as lean collaboration
  • Responsible, self-independent and proactive thinking in decision-making
  • Embrace hospitality as a form of attitude

Entry Requirements

To apply for the Technical Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management course, you need to be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident with the following ITE qualifications:


Grade Point Average (GPA)

  • Higher Nitec in Culinary Arts
  • Higher Nitec in Hospitality Operations
  • Higher Nitec in Pastry & Baking

GPA 2.0 & above

  • Nitec in Asian Culinary Arts
  • Nitec in Food & Beverage Operations
  • Nitec in Hospitality Operations
  • Nitec in Pastry & Baking
  • Nitec in Western Culinary Arts

GPA 3.0 & above

Applicants with qualifications not listed above can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants with at least 1 year of relevant work experience can be considered for admission if they meet the following academic requirements:

  • Relevant ITE CET Higher Nitec in Services (GPA of 2.0 and above)
  • Relevant ITE CET Nitec in Services (GPA of 3.0 and above)
  • Relevant Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) and Level 6 WSQ Workplace Literacy and Workplace Numeracy

Click here to view the list of relevant CET qualifications and Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) diplomas.

Working adults with at least 2 years of relevant work experience can be considered for admission.  

Shortlisted applicants must attend an interview and pass a pre-admission medical examination for admission.

Progression Opportunities

Graduates of the Technical Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management course may be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management, offered by EHL. 

Applicants are required to meet the minimum entry requirements, specified for the course, as stipulated by EHL for admission.

Career Opportunities

Technical Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management is your pathway to supervisory or management roles in the hospitality or any other services sector.