School of Business & Services

The School of Business & Services (SBS) at CW is home to some of the most passionate teaching staff in ITE. Our lecturers deliver innovative training and quality education to produce enterprising and employable graduates.

SBS also offers our students a conducive and authentic learning environment that encourages entrepreneurship, teamwork and creativity. The School consistently receives top billings for its programmes, student feedback and successful alumni.

We produce resourceful and intelligent young adult learners, who will continue to make a difference in the world.

Key Training Facilities 

Choc Spot (Blk 4 Level 2)

The Choc Spot Authentic Training Facility was set up in January 2019 specifically to train our students from the Nitec in Retail Services course.

The training facility serves as both a practical and pre-Industry Attachment Programme training for our students. They are taught how to apply theoretical knowledge learned from retail selling, retail promotion, retail operations, customer service and visual merchandising in a real retail environment.

The Choc Spot is patronised by members of the public, giving our students some real hands-on experience.

Choc Spot

Cosmetics LabRetail-Training-Lab 

Cosmetics and Retail Training Labs (Blk 2 Level 2)

The Cosmetics and Retail labs were set up specifically to train our students from the Nitec in Retail Services course.

At the Cosmetics Lab, our students are given a grooming space to learn and train in cosmetic retailing and professional grooming.

The Retail Lab, on the other hand, provides a simulated environment of a luxurious commercial retail store. This allows for experiential hands-on training in retail-related activities.

These activities include price tagging, housekeeping and role-playing to sharpen our students’ customer service skills. The labs also expose our students to visual merchandising.

Digital Business Lab (Blk 3 Level 4)

The Digital Business Lab provides a hands-on learning environment in digitalisation to enhance students’ learning. This platform supports social media, data analytics, digital marketing, Omni-channel commerce and other digital solutions.

Here, industry partners and/or domain experts also conduct speaker series and seminars for staff and students on the latest trends in digitalisation.


National Education Gaming Room   

National Education Gaming Room (Blk 1 Level 4)

The National Education (NE) Gaming Room houses students’ projects and discussions pertaining to NE efforts. This helps to instil core values and enhance students’ understanding of key NE messages.

It is also a platform that promotes greater involvement and fosters social responsibility through its NE-related activities, project exhibitions and interactive events.

Visume Lab (Blk 3 Level 4)

The Visume Lab is equipped with video recording acoustic booths. These booths assist to create quality video resumes to attract HR recruiters, enhancing the students’ confidence in public speaking and presentation.

It aims to strengthen students’ communication skills and raise their technical competency with the use of digital tools. This prepares our students for digital transformation in the recruitment process.


Other School of Business & Services facility:

  • Service Management Centre (Blk 4 Level 4)