School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology

The fields of Electronics and Info-Comm Tech are a potent combination that is revolutionising the world over today. Towards this end, the courses offered by our School of Electronics and Info-Comm Tech (SEIT) are always enriching, dynamic and relevant. 

From network security to security systems, internet of things to info-comm tech, the School provides our students with real-world skills and experience to solve real-world problems. As we continue to move with times, courses offered by SEIT will always lead to exciting careers.

If you aspire to be among those in the high-growth electronics and info-comm tech sectors, this School is the one for you!

Key Training Facilities 

Advanced Security Technology Centre (Blk 1 Level 4)

The Advanced Security Technology Centre was set up so that our industry partners can share and demonstrate security related technology and projects with our staff and students.

It also functions as a practical laboratory for the Work-Learn Technical Diploma in Security Systems.

Some of the technologies commissioned include the Facial Recognition entry gate, biometric access control, Fence Intrusion Detection System and many others.




Cyber Range (Blk 5 Level 4)

The Cyber Range was set up to train our students from the Higher Nitec in Cyber & Network Security course. At the Range, students are trained to monitor cyber-attacks generated in a sandboxed environment on the Security Incident & Events Monitoring consoles.

The Lab also allows for experiential hands-on training in Cyber & Network security activities.

The activities include determining which assets are under attack, where the attacks come from, and what actions can be taken to mitigate the effects. The Lab is also used to deliver training on Cisco networking and IT Security in a more traditional approach.

Espace - Learn2Make (Blk 1 Level 2) and Make2Learn (Blk 1 Level 4)

Espace is made up of 2 subspaces – Learn2Make and Make2Learn. These subspaces are intended to provide:

  1. A suite of regular skills-based programmes for students, regardless of their schools and academic performances.

  2. A workspace for students with common technical interests to come together to learn and work on interdisciplinary projects.

    Learn2Make focuses primarily on light craft, and skills-based and lifestyle programmes that go beyond formal curriculum. It takes on a minimalist, Zen-inspired design, equipped with reconfigurable workbenches to suit different workshops/programmes.



Smart Living Solutions Lab (Blk 4 Level 6)

The Smart Living Solutions Lab was designed specifically to improve our students technologically and pedagogically – especially those who are in the Nitec and Higher Nitec in Electronics or Security Technology courses.

It is equipped with configurable tables and chairs, and portable poster holders and televisions; staff can also explore BYOD and collaborative learning to make learning more interesting and engaging.

The Lab also creates an authentic learning environment to equip the students with the IoT knowledge and skills. It has a smart room equipped with smart home commercial products.

It allows staff and students to implement their smart home ideas. The Lab was also created to reach out to MOE students through the MOE CAT A elective programme.

Systems and Security Lab (Blk 5 Level 4)

This lab is used to teach our Higher Nitec in Cyber & Networking Security students the Systems Administration, Virtualisation, Computer Maintenance and Operating Systems modules.

The Lab is equipped with zero clients to access the virtual training machines provisioned from a Private EDU Cloud system.

This approach is truly authentic as the training environment is where students are trained to setup, configure and operate systems. It is also possible for students to access the training environment on the Private EDU Cloud from other labs and at home.

Systems and Security Laboratory