School of Engineering

Fancy discovering the complex and increasingly-digital world of Rapid Transit Technology? Or coding the robotics in Automotive, Mechatronics or Electrical Engineering? At CW’s School of Engineering (SOE), our industry-savvy faculty are among the most experienced in Singapore’s educational institutions. It also helps that SOE aims to be adaptive and responsive to the challenges of technical training. This will prepare our students to be innovative, versatile and even technopreneurial.

If it’s Engineering, it rocks!

Key Training Facilities 

Aircon & Refrigeration Labs: 
Aircon & Refrigeration Lab 
and Commercial Aircon Lab (Blk 6 Level 6), Aircon Technology Centre (Blk 6 Level 4)

The facilities related to this course of study feature a wide range of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. Students from the Nitec in Facility Technology and Built Environment, and Higher Nitec in Facility Management receive comprehensive training in these facilities.

Our Facility Management students learn to operate refrigeration systems, an important field in the industry that require precision temperature control.

They also undergo hands-on training in installing and maintaining different types of residential and commercial air-conditioning systems.




ITE-Sennheiser Sound Academy and ITE-Steinberg Training Centre (both at Blk 6 Level 4)

The ITE-Sennheiser Sound Academy and ITE-Steinberg Training Centre are Centres of Excellence that feature highly specialised, unique and top-range equipment.

These purpose-built training centres are equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound tools, which are widely used in today’s entertainment industry.

The centres provide our students from the Nitec in Electrical Technology (Lighting & Sound) course with an authentic learning environment. This encourages students to develop their competency beyond the classroom setting, especially in handling major events.

Rapid Transit Signal & Communications Lab 
(Blk 5 Level 2)

The Rapid Transit Signal and Communications Laboratory is designed in consultation with SMRT Institute. The first of its kind in a Singapore educational institution, it is equipped with a section of a mock-up train, railway tracks and related accessories.

Students in Nitec in Rapid Transit Technology and Higher Nitec in Rapid Transit Engineering use the facility for hands-on practice. They inspect, maintain, diagnose and rectify faults and systems for rapid transit train operations.


Rolling Stock & Permanent Way (Blk 7 Level 1)

The Rolling Stock and Permanent Way workshop is equipped with a section of a mock-up train, railway tracks and accessories. The facility enhances the students’ skills and knowledge on faults and systems for rapid transit train operations. It keeps the students up-to-date on rail engineering standards, specifications, codes of practice and regulations.


Rolling Stock & Permanent Way



Urban Mobility Centre (Blk 3 Level 1)

The Urban Mobility Centre is designed to support students from Nitec and Higher Nitec in Automotive Technology, and Technical Engineer Diploma in Automotive Engineering.

The Centre provides a futuristic learning environment for automotive students with smart technology, simulators and the application of real-time monitoring and control using the Internet of Things.

It is also equipped with diagnostic and testing equipment to support training in vehicle diagnostics and electric/hybrid vehicles.

Workplace, Safety & Health Lab (Blk 1 Level 3)

The Work, Safety & Health (WSH) Laboratory provides an authentic learning experience for students in Nitec in Built Environment (Mechanical & Electrical Services) and Higher Nitec in Facility Management. It also caters to other Engineering and SEIT courses across all Colleges.

The lab focuses on workplace safety and health practices for working at heights and with Mobile Elevated Work Platforms. Skills and knowledge are inculcated to ensure one’s safety at the workplace. Students learn to identify roles and responsibilities and follow safe work procedures. They are taught to adopt relevant risk control measures when working at height and responding to emergencies.



Other School of Engineering facilities:

  • Automation & Robotics Centre and Flexible Manufacturing System Lab (Blk 1 Level 4)
  • Autotronics Lab (Blk 4 Level 1)
  • Chassis Cell (Blk 5 Level 1)
  • Engine Cell (Blk 5 Level 1)
  • Heavy Vehicle Lab (Blk 6 Level 1)
  • Programmable Logic Control Lab (Blk 6 Level 4)