Dress Code

All graduands attending the ITE Graduation Ceremony will be required to wear the ITE Graduation Attire. 

Graduands who are not properly attired or have hair colour that is not of a natural tone will not be allowed entry into the venue or go on stage to receive the certificate/medal.

ITE has appointed My Uniform Shop to manage the rental and sale of ITE Graduation Attire to graduands. Please click here for more details on renting/purchasing the graduation attire. 

Rental/Sale Period
Monday 24 Apr 2023
Tuesday 25 Apr 2023
Wednesday 26 Apr 2023
ITE College Central
Block K Level 4
Between 12pm and 5pm
Thursday 27 Apr 2023
Friday 28 Apr 2023
Tuesday 2 May 2023
ITE College East
Function Hall
Administration Block, Level 3
Between 12pm and 5pm
Wednesday 3 May 2023
Thursday 4 May 2023
Friday 5 May 2023
ITE College West
Networking Lounge
Block 3 Level 4
Between 12pm and 5pm

If you have missed the dates above, please call My Uniform Shop’s retail shop at 6276 6689 to check on stock availability before heading down to rent or purchase gowns.

The ITE Graduation Attire consists of a one-piece robe and detachable collar flap. A common design is adopted for all graduands.

Male GraduandFemale Graduand
Male GraduandFemale Graduand

Please ensure that you have the correct collar flap colour for your Graduation Ceremony. The colour of the detachable collar flap, based on the graduand’s qualification level, is shown below:

Collar Flap Colour Chart 

LevelCollar Flap
NitecRed-YellowNitec gown 
Higher NitecRed-BlueHigher Nitec gown
Technical Engineer Diploma
Technical Diploma
Work-Study Diploma
Red-PurpleTED gown

Recommended Dress Code to go with Graduation Attire

Graduands are advised to dress neatly and appropriately for the occasion. The ITE graduation gown looks good with the following attire:

Male GraduandFemale Graduand
Male GraduadFemale Graduand
White / light-coloured long-sleeved business shirt with tieBlouse or dress with collar, preferably
long or ¾ sleeved
Dark-coloured business pants
Note: Full-Time National Servicemen (NSF) are expected to change into the recommended outfit
Skirt or dark-coloured dress pants
Note: The skirt length should be shorter 
than the graduation attire so the skirt does 
not hang below the graduation attire.
Dark-coloured office shoes with socksCourt shoes

Short and neat hairdo

Coloured hair must be of a natural tone

Neat hairdo

Coloured hair must be of a natural tone

The following are examples of unacceptable dressing:

Casual pants/jeans, T-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, culottes, bermudas, mini-skirts (females), slippers, sneakers, sports shoes, open toe sandals, ear studs (male graduands).

The following are examples of unacceptable hairdo and hair colours:

Long fringe/tying of hair (for male graduands), hair colours such as grey, yellow, gold, blue, green, pink, purple etc.