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14 hours

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Campus where course is offered

ITE College West

Course Certification

SkillsFuture Certificate of Competency (CoC)
In this SkillsFuture Certificate of Competency (CoC) course, you will learn the skills to work on active and passive safety systems and calibration for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). The course will cover the design and function of ABS, ASR, ESP, air bags and the following topics:

    What you'll learn

    • Safety regulations on airbag handling
    • Practical vehicle troubleshooting using Bosch tester
    • Function and testing of speed sensors, yaw rate and steering angle sensors
    • Data input LIDAR, 3D imaging, radar, image processing components and test
    • Calibration equipment for ADAS
    • Replacing of sensors and alignment
    • Adaptive cruise control and lane assist
    • Application of Electronic database

    Entry Requirements

    This is an Intermediate level course. You need basic understanding in automotive technology and basic proficiency in English.

    Fee for this course can be paid using SkillsFuture Credits. 
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    SkillsFuture Course Reference Number: TGS-2019507234

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