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1 year 6 months

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ITE College East ITE College West

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Apply for this course and be a hero in servicing, maintaining, repairing and installing refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment for residential and commercial buildings. 

The course duration is 1.5 years to 3 years.

What you'll learn

  • Service, diagnose and rectify faulty electrical and mechanical components and air-conditioning equipment
  • Install, service and repair air-conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Prepare building services layout including air-conditioning and electrical systems
  • Perform routine maintenance and parts replacement of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Troubleshoot and replace faulty components in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Perform testing and commissioning of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Conduct predictive and preventive maintenance and inspection of equipment

Entry Requirements

  • Completed GCE 'O' Level; or
  • Completed GCE 'N' Level; or
  • Passed BEST Module 4 Mathematics (for those with work experience); or
  • Passed ISC in Electrical Servicing, or Mechanical Servicing, or Facility Services, or Residential Air-Conditioning, or Residential Plumbing, or Electrical Wiring; or
  • Accumulated at least 60 hours of structured On-the-Job Training (OJT) under the Certified On-the-Job Training Centre (COJTC) system. The OJT must be relevant to the course applied for; or
  • Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN) Level 5 in Speaking and Listening, and Level 4 in Reading and Numeracy.


Applicant must be free from colour appreciation deficiency.

Progression Opportunities


Career Opportunities

Nitec in Technology - Facility Technology (Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration) graduates are employed by companies manufacturing air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment or offering mechanical consultancy services. Graduates are  also  employed by companies involved in the maintenance of air- conditioning in residences, offices, hotels and factories, food processing  plants  as  well  as  domestic  refrigerators.  Some of the job titles held by graduates include Air-Conditioning Engineering Technician, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering Technician, Refrigeration Engineering Technician, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Plant Installer, and Air- Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Installer.

There are excellent opportunities for career advancement to supervisory positions and beyond. The challenge is for students to prepare themselves by upgrading their technical skills and knowledge by taking up higher-level courses.


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