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2 years 6 months

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Campus where course is offered

ITE College West

Course Certification

Work-Study Diploma

What will the land transport engineering landscape in Singapore be like in the near future? What talent will our rail industry require years from now? Alternative or cleaner energy sources, as well as other technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet-of-Things, data analytics, and predictive maintenance, are obviously on the rise.

The Work-Study Diploma in Land Transport Engineering is a step towards a career in our vibrant land transportation industry, whether it be as a Manager, Engineer, Technical Specialist, or Senior Technician, focused on advancing the quality of rail service and operating standards.

With the ITE Work-Study Diploma in Land Transport Engineering, you may increase your breadth of understanding and practical know-how for use throughout your land transport career.


  • Work well with others in a team environment
  • Able to articulate and discuss ideas, thoughts and information effectively to achieve common outcomes
  • Able to understand and co-relate information from multiple disciplines to synthesise knowledge and insights, as well as guide decisions

Job Role:

A Land Transport Engineer manages operations, maintains transport assets, ensures safety and work quality and delivers outstanding customer service. The work he/she performs may include the following:

  • Permanent-way compliance and inspection
  • Rolling stock asset monitoring
  • Signalling system reliability monitoring
  • Planning and tracking operations

Some of our partners: 

SBS Transit Ltd  | SMRT

Employers that wish to offer training places, please click HERE.

What you'll learn

  • Implementing workplace safety & health practices
  • Perform data analytics for predictive maintenance
  • Diagnose railway signalling systems
  • Diagnose rolling stock systems
  • Diagnose permanent way system

Entry Requirements

Applicants must meet the following minimum entry requirements:

  1. ITE graduates from any one of the following courses:

    Nitec with GPA ≥ 2:

    • Aerospace Avionics
    • Aerospace Technology
    • Aircraft Maintenance (Avionics)
    • Aircraft Maintenance (Mechanical)
    • Aircraft Maintenance (Avionics & Mechanical)
    • Automotive Technology
    • Built Environment (Mechanical & Electrical Services)
    • Built Environment (Vertical Transportation)
    • Digital & Precision Engineering
    • Electrical Technology (Power & Control)
    • Electrical Technology (Lighting & Sound)
    • Electronics, Computer Networking & Communications
    • Electronics & Internet of Things
    • Fabrication Technology (Hull & Structures)
    • Fabrication Technology (Marine Pipe)
    • Lift & Escalator Technology
    • Marine Electrical Technology
    • Marine Technology
    • Mechatronics & Robotics
    • Mechanical Technology
    • Motorcycle Technology
    • Rapid Transit Technology
    • Urban Greenery & Landscape

    Higher Nitec:

    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Automotive Engineering
    • Civil & Structural Engineering Design
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Electronics Engineering
    • Engineering with Business
    • Facility Management
    • Integrated Mechanical & Electrical Design
    • Marine Engineering
    • Marine & Offshore Technology
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Mechatronics Engineering
    • Offshore & Marine Engineering Design
    • Precision Engineering
    • Process Plant System
    • Rapid Transit Engineering
    • Robotics & Smart Systems


    In-service employees with:

    • Equivalent qualifications such as Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN) Level 5 and above
    • Relevant work experience
    • Strong employer endorsement
  2. Pass company screening and interview
  3. Free from colour appreciation deficiency

Progression Opportunities

Work-Study Diploma graduates can apply to related full-time or part-time degree programmes in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) or Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), subject to the admission requirements of the university.

Career Opportunities

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