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24 hours

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Short Courses

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ITE College East ITE College West

Ever wondered about Hydraulics principles and how theyare applied in the construction and engineering fields? Sign up today to find out more on hydraulic fluid properties and their applications in applied science.

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What you'll learn

  • Principles of hydraulics
  • Construct a hydraulic fluid reservoir
  • Functions and properties of hydraulic fluid
  • Uses and applications of components to maintain a clean and cool condition
  • Operations and applications of hydraulic pumps, accumulators and intensifiers
  • Operations and applications of hydraulic control valves and actuators
  • Analysis of basic hydraulic circuitry with ISO symbols
  • Connect, troubleshoot and test basic hydraulic circuits on hydraulic trainers
  • Pump characteristics
  • Directional control of single and double-acting cylinder
  • Positioning and counter-balancing
  • Speed control and regenerative circuits
  • Hydraulic flow resistance

Entry Requirements