School of Business & Services

If you are curious to discover the know-how of businesses, would like to master the art of providing good service to customers or keen to develop your entrepreneurial skills, you may just find success at our School of Business and Services.

The School of Business and Services offers you a focused range of programmes to equip you with the knowledge and skills for the highly mobile, high tech businesses of the ever changing global marketplace. Through well-designed practical training and industry exposure we will put you on a head start in your career path.

Come and explore the key facilities at our School of Business and Services.

Key Training Facilities 

Early Childhood Training Centre 
(Blk J Level 2)

The Early Childhood Training Centre is equipped with two Labs - one designed for Science, Art and Craft modules, and another for Music and Drama modules. The centre simulates a childcare centre and is used for hands-on training to prepare students to embark on a career as early childhood educators.


ITE Epitome 
(Blk A Level 1)

ITE Epitome is a commercial store, showcasing the capabilities, products and services of ITE Colleges. Students are trained to work and interact with customers in a genuine commercial setting. The store has six sub-shops providing a range of products and services including hair, eye wear, computer gaming, IT services, cafe, floristry and uniquely designed and produced merchandise.

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Fitness Training Gym & Human Performance Lab 
(Blk J Level 2)

The lab and gym intended for Sports Management students, contain equipment for health and fitness performance related anthropometric tests and assessments that are aligned to the industry standards. The facility provides the platform to expose students to use these advanced testing technology and develop research and analysis skills sought after by the fitness industry.


Floristry Training Centre 
(Blk D Level 5)

The Floristry Training Centre is used for practical training in floral design and arrangements, displays, merchandising and related services to customer. The centre is replica of a floral retail shop, equipped with an exhibition gallery consisting of 20 partitions and flower chillers for students to exercise their creativity in exploring floral displays for different events and settings as well as  maintain and upkeep fresh cut flowers and wrapped bouquets.

Retail Training Centre 
(Blk D Level 3)

The Retail Training Centre is designed to simulate actual industry set-up, to create a realistic retail environment for training on retail operations and visual merchandising. It is also equipped with a customised Business Etiquette & Grooming Centre.


Other Facilities

  • Human Performance Lab (Blk J Level 3)
  • National Education Hub (Blk E Level 4)
  • PE iLab (Blk F Level 3)