School of Engineering

If you are empowered by innovation and excited to discover possibilities through inventions, the School of Engineering is for you. Our School of Engineering provides progressive programmes that are relevant to the changing needs of the industry. The effective hands-on training and robust industrial attachment experience both locally and abroad, will equip you with the skills set and real work experience to set you ready for a career in engineering services and manufacturing related industries.

Come and explore the key facilities at our School of Engineering.

Key Training Facilities 


Aviation Hub 
(Blk G Level 2)

The Aviation Hub is designed to prepare students for the aviation industry as aircraft technicians. The hangar in the Hub is equipped with a range of airframe platforms, such as Bell UH-1H helicopter and S211 jet trainer, to civil private and passenger jets, such as Learjet 24B and Boeing 737. The hangar is set-up to house various aircraft engines for training students to build their skillsets on aircraft engine inspection, repair and overhaul, and enhances students’ versatility in pursuing their aircraft maintenance career.



Automation Hub 
(Blk E Level 5)

The Automation Hub is a training facility for Robotics Programming, Pneumatics & Hydraulics Applications, Maintenance of Automation Systems and Electrical Installations. The Hub involves industry players such as ABB and Bosch to shape relevant courses and to co-create deep skills and market relevant training for students.


Maritime Hub 
(Blk H Level 2)

The Maritime Hub houses the Maritime Training Centre, an integrated Offshore Technology Centre and Marine Engineering Quality Centre for the Marine and Offshore Engineering training. The Hub includes the structure of a ship, comprising part of the hull and tank compartments. The marine machinery space is equipped with life-size marine engines and auxiliary equipment. There is also a Full Mission Marine Engine Simulator for students to simulate real operation of a marine power plant.




Precision Engineering Hub 
(Blk G Level 2)

The PEG Hub is a training facility comprising two specialised labs, equipped with Aerospace & Multi-Axis Machining and Laser & Form Fabrication systems. The facility houses a GROB 5-Axis 'Universal Machining Centre’ for related training and development of students under the Industry 4.0 initiative.


Smart Manufacturing Hub 
(Blk E Level 2)

The Smart Manufacturing Hub provides an authentic learning environment for students in the areas of Robotics Programming, Pneumatics, Smart Sensors & Hydraulics Applications, Predictive Maintenance of Automation Systems and Electrical Installations. The hub is equipped with Lean Triangular Kanban system and Cyber physical twin essences, for the shop floor to be viewed and to run mass production remotely. The shop floor provides information on its landing, material status and warehouse storage for incoming and outgoing availability for JIT (Just-In-Time) production.



Other Facilities

  • Robotics Lab (Blk E Level 2)