School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology

Gaming, Experimenting, Exploring. If you are looking for fun and experimental ways of learning, our School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology is the right choice for you.

Through the adoption of the Play. Learn. Build teaching and learning model, the School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology provides you with opportunities to be that dynamic learner and problem-solver in finding real-world solutions through gaming and exploratory means. Hone your skills and technical knowledge in electronics systems and tools, and the working of new technologies for an exciting career with the Electronics and ICT Industry.

Come and explore the key facilities at our School of Electronics and Info-Comm Technology and be part of the the vibrant and Electronics and ICT community.

Key Training Facilities 

Cyber Security Intelligence Centre (CSi)
(Blk C Level 5)

The centre provides cyber range training and customised short courses to ITE students and public on cyber security threat intelligence and cyber incident response management.  Students from three ITE colleges can access the cyber range training remotely and also on premise for a more authentic and interactive training experience.


The centre is designed to simulate the security operations of Security Operations Centre (SOC), and is supported by industry partners: ST Engineering and International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council). Cyber Security professional certification training and examinations are also conducted at this centre as authorised by EC-Council.


Game & VR Centre 
(Blk C Level 2)

The Game & VR Centre promotes and fosters collaborative learning among the students using the state-of-the-art equipment and team-based learning approach. There are six learning zones, each zone complete with a VR system and 3D TV. The configuration of the centre facilitates discussion, collaboration and co-construction of knowledge together while experiencing the VR learning packages.



IoT Experiential Centre 

(Blk C Level 5)

IoT Experiential Centre is an authentic laboratory built with IoT applications related to retail, building, water and transport management to support the Higher Nitec in Electronics Engineering and Work-Study Diploma courses.

The infrastructure allows students to experience the deployment of IoT sensors that are commonly used by IoT industry specialists. Through exploring the IoT setup in the centre, students can understand sensors installation and calibration, data communication, data visualisation and alert notification. The Centre prepares the students with the knowledge of harnessing the data for data-driven goals economy and decision-making to achieve productivity gain and cost savings for the company.



Microelectronics Training Centre 
(Blk J Level 2)

The Microelectronics Training Centre has a comprehensive range of semiconductor processing equipment, metrology tools and supporting facilities to train students for the Microelectronics industry. It is equipped with wafer process equipment and metrology tools for wafer fabrication processing, wafer testing and failure analysis to be carried out.