School of Design & Media

Be the creative Craftsman with a real-world portfolio that you have always dreamed of. With a good and strong design foundation at the School of Design and Media, we will ensure you are on a great career and academic progression.

A niche School of ITE College Central, the School of Design & Media will equip you with practical, realistic and versatile design and media skills to put you in good stead to ride with the emerging trends and meet the changing needs of the Creative Industries.

Come uncover that creative streak in you and explore the key facilities at our School of Design & Media.

Key Training Facilities 


Centre of Excellence in New Media 
(Blk  K Level 2)

The Centre is a creative hub and educational training centre where students use Toon Boom software for animation production work. It provides training in core Animation and Visual Effect modules as well as Toon Boom Harmony Master Class Training. The Centre facilitates 2D and 3D animation production workflow, similar to the industry’s.


Sound Stage 
(Blk K Level 2)

The ITE Soundstage is a soundproof facility that is equipped with high electrical power supply for theatrical film-making and television drama production. It is used to train students to be camera, lighting and grip crew for the film and video production industry.


The Blackbox 
(Blk A Level 2)

The Blackbox is a practical training facility for the Performance Production students to set up and run projects and productions. It is equipped with an automated lighting grid and mobile seating bleachers. The lights and sound fixtures are mobile and can be rigged according to production needs.

The Cinema 
(Blk K Level 2)

The Cinema is a facility equipped with colour grading capability using DaVinci Resolve software for post-production work. It functions as an educational training centre that provides training in colour correction and grading for Visual Effect & Animation students, as well as DaVinci Resolve Master Class Training. The Cinema models after actual post production houses for students to be exposed to various production works.


User Experience Hub (UX Hub)
(Blk B Level 2)

UX Hub is a high-tech immersive digital facility set up with the support of industry partners who have contributed the latest technologies and software to emulate the transformed processes of businesses, industries, consumers and content providers. It focuses on user experience, immersive media production and business intelligence to illustrate new innovative workflows adopted by businesses and industries.

It has 3 key zones; Experience Gallery, Production Studio and Co-lab.

The Experience Gallery showcases the different technologies used and how digitalization has changed content development with video walls, projection mapping and interactive LED.

The Production Studio is an authentic production space built with multi-cam broadcast control room and is equipped with production equipment to develop capabilities in broadcast and livestream 3D virtual & 360 video contents for hybrid virtual events and live action virtual production.

The co-working space is where staff and students collaborate with industry partners on real world projects to create different immersive media contents.

Video Production Studio


ITE College Central’s Video Creative Studio is designed as a training studio to equip students with the skills for video multi-camera production. Students take on various studio crew roles and learn how to run a studio production. The studio is equipped with three Ultra High Definition (UHD) broadcast cameras and a PTZ remote camera. Energy-efficient LED lighting is mounted on an overhead grid to provide a variety of creative lighting options. The studio is also capable of live-streaming the production onto social media platforms.

The studio is planned as a multi-functional space, where training in other aspects of video production such as location production lighting and single-camera productions can also be conducted. Flexible modular stage pieces allow the reconfiguration of studio floor space for different productions.

Other Facilities

  • Space Design Studio (Blk K Level 3)
  • Digital Imaging Studio (Blk K Level 5)
  • Video Creative Studio (Blk K Level 5)
  • Fashion Apparel Production & Design Studio (Blk B Level 3)