This technology offer is an Occupancy Sensors System (OCSS), formed by a set of non-invasive infrared sensors that is capable to tracking the presence of people in a room.


Connected to a gateway through long range wireless signals, the occupancy sensors send data to the gateway where they are stored and enable building managers to monitor the usage of different rooms in a building or facility. The stored data can be translated into a more accurate view of the frequency and duration of room usage for charging and management planning.


Such data in turn can be used for analysis; by extrapolating the frequency and duration data against energy pricing rates and times of the year, OCSS enables the building manager to optimise facility usage, and to create a better rental price model, thereby more efficiently reach the facility management goals. This leads to greater efficiency and creates a more sustainable operation model and aligns with Singapore’s Green Building objectives.

Value Proposition:

  • Enables occupancy tracking through plug and play wireless sensor nodes.
  • Ease of installation without major cabling as far as 1 km.
  • In-depth productivity analysis with area of focus.
  • Low cost of digitalisation and operations.
  • Cost effective management of facility with labour cost reduction
  • Better utilisation of facilities through in- depth analysis, i.e., traffic flow, occupancy time, etc 
  • Full wireless solution with no complicated wiring & cabling work in the premises
  • Flexible and configurable for different scenarios and/or circumstances.
  • Highly flexible and configurable to customer requirement.

Potential Application:

The opportunity for licensing or co-development to integrate into legacy BMS system is available.

  • Commercial buildings, Hotels for better utilisation of facilities and for the in-depth analytics for traffic flow timing & venue.
  • Educational institution such as university, schools to monitor the residing time of the staff or students in certain area.
  • HDB, Condominium void deck, common facilities area for surveillance.
Or any other areas.