Process of Self Registration


TDC’s SMART Building Self-Registration System is a comprehensive and modern building registration system that integrates the entire meeting registration and security access process. It is a seamless and
automated, aimed at enhancing workplace productivity with minimal hardware and inventories.

With the possibility to be integrated with various access ways, besides the main entrance, the SMART Building Self-Registration System provides precise access control down to individual rooms and according to time periods.

For the visitor or regular occupant, not only will it shorten time taken to access the building, the eliminated manual entry procedures gives users a sense of ease, and property owners the peace-of-mind.


  • Light on hardware and easy to deploy 
  • Reduce manpower
  • Built in name card reader capability to convert images of name cards to text data back to the data base for walk in customers thus eliminating the need for manual keying in of data
  • Integrated with online registration website
  • Portable and useful for personalised check in for VIP
  • Can be deployed in non Wi-Fi areas.