Smart Parking


TDC’s wireless parking system help the drivers to find/reserve a parking lot in parking area. It can also help the drivers to find their car when they want to leave.  The system comprised of wireless parking sensor, gateway, server and mobile apps. All the parts are wireless connected, thus removed the needs for physical cabling.


The wireless parking sensor is battery operated and waterproof, make it suitable for outdoor application also. The wireless technology used is a long range technology which allow the communication distance up to 1km, reduces the number of gateway needed to cover the whole parking area.


Not only can guide the drivers to find available lots, the wireless smart parking systems can also collect and analyze data, offering insights into parking patterns, peak usage times, and occupancy rates. This data can be valuable for optimizing parking operations and making data-driven decisions.


Unique Value Proposition:

  • Wireless systems are easier to install and this reduces installation time and disruption to the parking area.
  • Energy saving – The wireless parking senor is low power and battery operated, which is much more power saving compared to the current popular ultrasonic parking sensor
  • Scalability - Wireless systems are highly scalable, allowing you to add or remove sensors or components easily as your parking facility's needs change
  • Cost efficiency for both installation and maintenance
  • Real-time Data - Wireless sensors provide real-time data on parking space availability, allowing drivers to find open spots quickly
  • This wireless parking systems is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application
  • Operators can remotely monitor the status of parking spaces, sensor health, and system performance, enabling proactive maintenance and issue resolution.
  • User-friendly mobile apps or web interfaces that make it easy for drivers to locate available parking spaces and make reservations
  • Reduced Congestion and Emissions - By helping drivers find parking spots efficiently, can reduce the time spent circling for a parking spot, leading to lower traffic congestion and reduced carbon emissions.

Potential Applications:

  • Car park (indoor, outdoor)