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Course Duration

35 hours

Type of course


Campus where course is offered

ITE College East

Course Certification


This course is suitable for those who wish to work in the logistics industry as forklift operators.  Participants will acquire knowledge and skills to operate a forklift below 5-ton capacity under various environmental conditions.  

Candidates certified competent will receive a Safety Pass and are qualified to operate a forklift.

What you'll learn

  • Prepare to carry out forklift operations
  • Inspect forklift
  • Carry out forklift operations
  • Reinstate and hand over forklift

Entry Requirements

Participants should possess basic competency in English Language.  It is advantageous if you have some working experience in the logistics related industry. 

Participants must fulfil the following requirements: 

  1. Be in good health and not suffering from deafness, defective eyesight or any infirmity, which would render them unfit for the course; and
  2. Be 18 years and above; or
  3. Be certified medically fit to attend the course by a doctor for those aged 60 years and above