Admission to full-time DPP Higher Nitec courses is offered to GCE 'N(A)' Level applicants via the following intake exercise:

Joint Intake Exercise 'H' (JIE 'H') for Direct Entry Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP)

Entry QualificationGCE 'N(A)' Level
Duration of Higher Nitec Courses Offered2 years & 3 months
Application PeriodAround mid-December
More Info
Admission Booklet for GCE 'N' Holders

Deferment of National Service (NS) for NS-Liable Males

National Service (NS) liable males who wish to pursue full-time ITE courses in 2022 and were born in the year 2002 or earlier (for Secondary 4 students) or born in the year 2001 or earlier (for Secondary 5 students and ITE Graduates seeking progression to Higher Nitec courses), will have to check their eligibility for NS deferment at the Central Manpower Base (CMPB). If you need to check your eligibility for NS deferment, you may download the Eligibility for NS Deferment form here and submit the completed form to Central Manpower Base (CMPB) for processing of your NS deferment. Students who are not eligible for NS deferment will need to withdraw from the course that they are enrolled in.

For more information, please visit NS deferment and NS disruption pages.