Traineeship Higher Nitec Courses

Every year, ITE conducts two traineeship recruitment intake exercises for admission following the release of the GCE ‘N’ Level and GCE 'O' Level examination results in December and January respectively.


The exact dates for application will be announced in the major local newspapers after the release of GCE examination results.


Entry Requirements

  1. The duration of ITE Traineeship Courses leading to Higher Nitec certification ranges from 1 to 2 years.
  2. You will need a Nitec or ‘O’ Level to apply for our Higher Nitec courses. Depending on the course applied for, some courses require a pass in English and/or Mathematics or Science.
  3. You are required to attend career counselling at ITE before proceeding to the selection interview by sponsoring companies.
  4. You must be employed by a participating company in order to join a traineeship course.
  5. Application for a traineeship course is open to Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents only.

How to Apply?


* Walk-in applicants submitting their online applications in person at ITE Headquarters may proceed for their pre-interview sessions on the same day.

Application Period for Higher Nitec Courses

  • You need to attend a pre-interview session with an ITE Industry Officer during Intake Exercise before attending an interview with a participating company.
  • Your application may be withdrawn if you do not arrange a pre-interview session or attend the interviews as arranged.
2020 Intake *Application Period 
For Nitec progression

Online Application: 
13 Jan 2020 to 20 Mar 2020

Pre-interview at Event Hall, Blk A, Level 2, ITE Headquarters:   
13 Jan 2020, 3pm to 5pm
14 Jan 2020, 9am to 5pm
15 Jan 2020, 9am to 5pm
16 Jan 2020, 9am to 5pm

Application Closed
For GCE ‘O’ Level

Please walk in and attend pre-interview at:

Event Hall, Blk A, Level 2, ITE Headquarters:   
13 Jan 2020, 3pm to 5pm
14 Jan 2020, 9am to 5pm
15 Jan 2020, 9am to 5pm
16 Jan 2020, 9am to 5pm

Application Closed

To reschedule or for more details, please contact us at 6590 2399 or 9137 0594 during office hours.
*Exact dates for application will be published after the announcement in the major local newspapers of the release of GCE examination results.

List of Traineeship Courses

Choose from over 25 courses from 12 different industry sectors to match your interest and career goals.

For Frequently Asked Questions on Traineeship courses, please click HERE.

Community Development Council & Citizens’ Consultative Committee-Institute of Technical Education (CDC & CCC-ITE) Scholarship

  • Singaporean GCE ‘O’ Level holders who have matriculated for ITE traineeship courses and who are in the top 10% of the GCE ‘O’ Level entrants at each intake exercise are eligible for consideration for the CDC & CCC-ITE Scholarship.
  • Successful recipients will be informed by ITE. No application is required. Each scholarship will be awarded for the duration of the course, subject to a maximum of 2 years.
  • Renewal in the second year of study is subject to the recipient’s performance and conduct during the first year of study. The value of the award is $1,600 per year.

S R Nathan Special Assistance Scheme

  • The S R Nathan Special Assistance Scheme provides financial support of $500 to eligible trainees in the first month of their ITE Traineeship programmes.
  • Who is eligible?
    • Singapore citizens who are successfully enrolled in ITE Traineeship programmes and whose household per capita income (PCI) ≤ $690. Priority will be given to applicants with lower household PCI.
  • How to apply?
    • Submit the S R Nathan Special Assistance Scheme Application Form, and the required supporting documents, when applying for ITE Traineeship in the online portal.

National Service (NS) liable males who are younger than 19 years old as at 1 January of the year you commence your traineeship course will have to check your eligibility for NS Deferment at the Central Manpower Base (CMPB). Trainees who are not eligible for NS deferment will need to withdraw from the course that you are enrolled.

For more information on NS deferment, please click here.

For more information on NS disruption, please click here.

During the period of traineeship, the trainee is an employee of the company and receives a monthly salary and enjoys benefits similar to other company employees. All course fees are paid fully by the sponsoring company.

Please click HERE for tips in preparing for the interview.