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Course Duration

3 years

Type of course


Campus where course is offered

ITE College Central ITE College East ITE College West

Course Certification

Higher Nitec

Do you want to clinch that dream job in the vibrant sporting industry?

The role that sports has in our society is pivotal. To cater to industry demand, the new 3-year curriculum structure comprises specialised and deepened skills sets built upon broad-based foundation skills of the sports and fitness sector. Upon the successful completion of the course, you will be able to find suitable employment in the fitness and sports industry. You will acquire the practical skills to help you in sports events and marketing and motivating clients to reach their fitness and sports goals.

In addition, the Sports Science and Sports Coaching concepts covered in this course will also provide you the viable opportunity to become a successful fitness instructor or sports coach in public or commercial domains across the fitness and sports industry.

Applicants for the course should preferably have a strong background and passion for sports and be physically fit and active.

What you'll learn

  • Organise sports events
  • Carry out community recreation and activity programmes
  • Perform fitness testing and program design
  • Assist the coach
  • Implement sport safety prevention and management
  • Conduct group exercise class
  • Provide quality customer service to participants and clients of gyms, country clubs and other fitness and sports clubs and associations
  • Carry out routine finance and general administration matters for management of sports activities

Entry Requirements

Admission to Year 1 of the 3-year curriculum structure:

GCE 'O' level grades in any 2 subjects:

  • Grade 1-8


GCE ‘N’ level passes in English Language and 2 other subjects:

  • Grade A-D or Grade 1-5


  • Applicants will have to pass a prescribed medical examination.
  • Students will be required to purchase a Laptop for the course. This is in addition to the course fees. Financial assistance is available to eligible students under ITE Opportunity Fund subject to terms and conditions. For more details on the minimum laptop specifications, please click here.

Progression Opportunities

Higher Nitec in Sport Management graduates may apply for progression to the following Work-Study Diploma courses at ITE:

Higher Nitec in Sport Management graduates with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 and above may apply for progression to a Technical Diploma course at ITE. For more details on progression, please click here.

Higher Nitec in Sport Management graduates with a GPA of 2.0 and above may also apply for progression to the first year of a related diploma course at the Polytechnics. For more details on diploma courses for progression, please refer to the Joint Polytechnic Admissions website.

Career Opportunities

Higher Nitec in Sport Management graduates are employed in public or commercial domains. Some job titles held are Sports & Fitness Executive, Recreational Assistant, Fitness Assistant, and Sports Event Coordinators. Career advancement prospect will improve when graduates acquire experience and upgrade their skills and knowledge with higher-level courses.