School of Health Sciences 

Driven by a passion to provide compassionate care for others or make a meaningful impact on people's lives? Channel that passion into a transformative educational experience at the School of Health Sciences, a niche school at ITE College East. Our cutting-edge health science programmes will immerse you in a practice-oriented curriculum, to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complex challenges of today's healthcare landscape. At our School of Health Sciences, we take pride in cultivating the next generation of healthcare professionals, offering an unparalleled learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities. 

Take the first step towards your fulfilling career by exploring the exciting opportunities within our key training facilities.


Key Training Facilities 

Community Care Training Centre (Business Blk, Level 1) 

The Community Care Training Centre is specifically designed with a unique concept to promote realism in the training of social service assistants within an authentic environment.

The centre is fitted with the standard fixtures and fittings that are found in the nursing homes and rehabilitation centres such as ward setting, assisted bath facility, rehabilitation facilities, recreation areas and a special needs setting with age appropriate furniture.

There is also a pantry and dining area, as well as a reminiscence corner for clients with dementia. The training centre enables students to learn and practise skills related to client care, occupational therapy and physiotherapy in an authentic environment. This helps to prepare the students for their future vocation as social service assistants. 



ITE Centre for Healthcare Simulation Training
(Technology Blk, Level 6)

This facility is built to simulate the real world of nursing. Using simulated high fidelity mannequins, the state-of-the-art training facility can realistically simulate unanticipated, unusual or critical medical events for the students to apply their nursing skills in different scenarios.

In addition, the Centre enables the students to experience different medical events that they may not otherwise encounter during their hospital attachment. Teaching in this near real-life environment can train the students to a higher level of preparedness to meet the increasing demand to serve the expectations of sophisticated patients. 



Opticianry Retail & Training Laboratory
(Business Blk, Level 2)

The Opticianry Retail & Training Laboratory is specifically designed to provide training in a full- functional optical retail environment. Students will be trained in  lens cutting technology, optical retail management and basic eye testing procedures. 

The lab is modelled after a full scale optical retail practice and provides an authentic learning environment to prepare students for their role as an optician in the primary eye-care industry. Students are exposed to real life situations and will actively participate in various aspects of eye-care services. 



Other Facilities

  • Aspire Training Centre (Business Blk, Level 5)
  • ITE Centre for Eyecare (Business Blk, Level 5)
  • Paramedic Simulation Laboratory (Technology Blk, Level 6)