Drop in Anchor for Efficient Installation


Drop-in anchors are essential fastening bolts for securing installations to concrete walls, often in the ceiling installation configuration.
There are inherent issues related to the traditional installation method, namely that it is labour intensive and may pose fatigue issues for the worker, and also the consistency of the holding performance depends on the workmanship, which is operator dependent.

TDC's mechanical engineering team developed a novel design of Drop-in-anchor that utilizes mechanical leverage to perform installation with less effort and less reliance on operator’s skill. It has been demonstrated that the new design can be installed with better efficiency, as well as maintain a consistent pull-out force performance.

Unique Value Proposition:

  • Simplified and faster installation process
  • Reduced variation of holding strength of anchor
  • Improved installation efficiency

Potential Application:

The drop-in anchor can be employed in the construction industry, as a direct alternative to the current drop-in anchor in the market.


IP Assignment for patent, design application, including technical support for IP filing