The “Wow” Passenger Experience

Airports and cruise centres have undergone massive progress over the past few decades. Apart from helping people get from one place to another, these facilities are constantly striving to deliver experiences that go beyond meeting passengers’ needs. This is particularly so when automation sets in and human touchpoints are greatly reduced. Customer experience is therefore the important factor that makes a business better than the other in the air and sea industry.

This module introduces students to the general passenger touchpoints within airports and cruise centres and helps students gain insights to typical passenger behaviours. Students will gain an understanding of why certain airport and cruise centre facilities are developed and how world-class passenger experiences are created.

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At the end of the module, students will be able to:

  • Identify the different passenger flows and touchpoints at various parts of transport terminals, including important stakeholders at the transport terminals.
  • Create passenger persona and their corresponding journey, including techniques to gather information to empathise with them.
  • Identify the needs and wants of the created passenger persona in order to generate a variety of opportunities and solutions to delight passengers.
  • Determine suitable performance measures to guide in the selection process of an opportunity and solution to delight passengers.
  • Use appropriate tools to convey ideas in order to pitch and present the developed solution.