Course Fee

Course fee is $225 per student for ApLM@ITE (inclusive of GST).

Registration Procedure

Schools can register for ApLM@ITE runs in two ways:

1. Rank-and-Allocation process

• The rank-and-allocation process will take place over a week in January (for runs conducted in Semester 1) and April (for runs conducted in Semester 2).

• Schools may indicate the number of ApLM@ITE they are seeking in the given semester, as well as their preferred runs by ranking them in order of priority.

• At the end of the stipulated week, runs will be allocated to schools based on the school’s ranking of preferred runs, the number of runs sought by the school, and the availability and demand for runs.

o If there is a need to break a tie between two or more schools for a particular run, the run will be randomly allocated to one of the schools by the system. Hence, there may be cases where schools are not allocated the total number of runs sought by them, or their preferred

2. Open Market process

• Runs that are still available after the rank-and-allocation process each semester will be available for registration on a first-come-first-serve basis in the Open Market.

The table below provides an overview of the registration process.

ProcessTimeframeSteps to be taken on ApLM PortalAction By
Viewing of available runsFrom January (Semester 1) and from April (for Semester 2)Explore the list of available runsSchool ApLM Coordinator
Registration for runs via rank-and-allocationBefore deadline for each semester (to be advised prior to each semester)Shortlist and submit runs for rank-and-allocationSchool ApLM Coordinator
Accept/reject allocated runsSchool ApLM Coordinator
Approve/reject allocated runsSchool ApLM Principal
Registration for runs via Open MarketAfter rank-and-allocation phaseRegister or reserve/partner runs in the Open MarketSchool ApLM Coordinator
Within 7 days from registrationApprove/reject registered/reserved/partnered runsSchool Principal
Pre-run administrative processesAt least 21 days before start date of the runSubmit number of participants (i.e., enrolment number)School ApLM Coordinator
At least 7 days before start date of the runUpload participants' details (i.e., enrolment list)School ApLM Coordinator
Post-run administrative processesWithin 7 days from end date of the run(With effect from 2024) Ensure participants complete post-run survey on ApLM PortalSchool ApLM Coordinator
Within 7 days from end date of the runSubmit documentation (with sensitive data e.g., NRIC masked) to explain participants' absence (if applicable) to ITE coordinators through emailSchool ApLM Coordinator
7 to 14 days from end date of the runVerify participants' attendance recordsSchool ApLM Coordinator