Residential Electricity

Electricity is at the heart of many modern technologies, transforming industries and societies. Learn about this versatile energy which has an almost limitless set of applications from transport to lighting to communication, and how it can be used safely at home. Acquire practical skills in designing and connecting electrical installations such as the 13A and 15A plug, setting up a fluorescent lighting circuit, and installing, connecting and testing a lighting circuit with 2-way control.

Related ITE Course: Nitec in Electrical Technology (Lighting & Sound or Power & Control) 

At the end of the module, students will be able to:

  • Inculcate a sense for electrical safety.
  • Explain the function of various safety devices in a house.
  • Calculate electricity consumption of home appliances.
  • Design simple electrical wiring circuit for residential use.
  • Use of basic tools and measuring instrument.