There is no need to raise a PO or do GeBiz Evaluation for CAT A EM/ApLM@ITE. Schools can register directly through the application link (, on a first-come-first-served basis and seek the Principal’s approval for the courses. ITE will then require a formal confirmation from the school through an email, copied to the Principal, indicating that approval has been sought. After the students’ completion of the EM, ITE will bill the school for the EM.

When the schools are unable to fulfil the minimum class size, they can consider the following options:

• Combining their Normal Course classes in the school and have a range of CAT A EM/ApLM@ITE classes to fulfil the minimum class size required.

• Combining CAT A EM/ApLM@ITE classes with other schools taking the same EM to fulfil the minimum class size. Schools can register for EMs indicated “merged class” and these smaller slots of 9-11 pax will be combined to form a class of at least 18 students.*

• Spreading students with irregular attendance across the EM classes so as to reduce the possibility of the EM class size falling below 18 participants. Schools are advised to ascertain students’ interest and participation before registering the places with ITE for CAT A EM/ApLM@ITE and ensure the following:

• Number of students attending an EM class adheres to the number of students registered and confirmed with ITE (as far as possible)
• Number of students registered with ITE and the number of students who attended the CAT A EM/ApLM@ITE are accurately reported in the Half-Yearly Returns (HYR) to be submitted to MOE after completion of the EM.

*Depending on the SMM at that point in time, if students are not allowed to intermingle, please check with ITE should there be problems meeting the class size requirement.

If there are changes to the confirmed attendance lists submitted to ITE due to unforeseen circumstances such as student transfers from/to other schools, medical reasons, please inform ITE as soon as possible so that necessary arrangements could be made and ITE trainers can be updated of the changes before course commencement.

Schools are to ensure that there is a minimum of 18 participants for the EM classes after the changes. No swapping of students among the CAT A EM/ApLM@ITE classes registered is allowed upon EM class commencement.

Schools should inform ITE at least one week before EM class commencement of such cases and provide details of the affected students and date and time to be excused so that ITE trainers can be updated and are able to advise whether this would affect the students’ attendance and in-course assessments.

Affected students could also remind ITE trainers on the first day of the course so that alternative arrangements for in-course assessment can be made if required.

Any cancellation can only be made for unforeseen circumstances at least one month before course commencement.

Schools are advised not to sign up for CAT A EM/ApLM@ITE if the course dates coincide with school events or examinations of the relevant classes as this would affect the attendance of the CAT A EM/ApLM@ITE. There will be no make-up lessons for CAT A EM/ApLM@ITE missed and attendance will be marked accordingly for such cases.

Schools will receive reporting instructions and course guidelines from ITE at least one month before course commencement. Accompanying teachers deployed could be briefed of these instructions and course guidelines. It is advisable to have accompanying teachers if the EM class is a merged class with other school(s).

Schools may wish to deploy subject teachers as the accompanying teachers to better support students’ on-site learning. For example, a PE teacher could be accompanying students attending the CAT A EM “Fitness for Life” to provide better follow-up in school, upon completion of the CAT A EM.

Schools are reminded that for any out-of-school activities, teachers are responsible for the learning outcomes as well as safety of the students. Schools are advised to refer to the guidelines on school safety at:

ITE will issue the following digital certificates to schools within two months from the end of the CAT A EM/ApLM@ITE attended by their students:

• Certificate of Achievement – For students who attended at least 3 or 2 days for CAT A EM and ApLM@ITE respectively, and obtained a pass grade for all the in-course assessment(s). These students will enjoy one advanced credit standing per CAT A EM/ApLM@ITE which can be used for exemption from ITE’s elective modules in the full-time Nitec and 3-year Higher Nitec courses. Students can enjoy credit exemption up to a maximum of 2 credit units.

• Certificate of Attendance – For students who successfully completed the course but are not eligible for the Certificate of Achievement.