Promotion of CoC and Short Courses

Applicants who have successfully completed the following Certificate of Competency (CoC) courses are eligible for $10 fee discounts when they apply for short courses listed below:

CoC in AI Fundamentals Using Nvidia Jetson Nano (
CoC in Systems Thinking for Problem Solving (
CoC in Creating 360 Immersive Content (
CoC in Power Up Productivity with Power Apps & Power Automate (
CoC in Windows OS Hardening (
CoC in Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) Implementation (
CoC in Machining Analytics (
CoC in AI 101: Customer Relationship Management Chatbot (
CoC in Introduction to Digital Fabrication (
CoC in Flexipreneur for a Gig Economy: Win That Client (
CoC in Live Streaming for E-commerce & Retail (
CoC in Creative Online Marketing with Product Snaps (
CoC in Applied Design Thinking (Experience Fundamentals) (
CoC in Applied Design Thinking (Understand Fundamentals) (
CoC in Introduction to Digital Sewing & Online Marketing (
CoC in Smart Home System (Voice Control) (
CoC in Urban Farming (Soil & Planting Techniques) (

Short Courses for Promotion

Eligible learners will receive an email containing a non-transferable Promo Code to enjoy a $10 fee discount when they sign up for any of the following short courses.  Registration will begin on 25 May 2022.

Adobe Illustrator − Fundamentals (
Adobe Photoshop − Digital Image Enhancement (
An Experiential Introduction to Art Therapy (
Basic Eyelash Extension (
C3A Mental Well-being Curriculum - Riding the Waves of Change Smiling (
C3A心理健康课程: 以微笑应万变 (
CAD − Create Parts & Draw Assemblies using SolidWorks (
Computer Maintenance − Basic Diagnostic & Repair (
Create Video with Photos (
Create Your Own Augmented Reality (AR) Applications (
Design Thinking for Home Business (
DIY Fashion − Sew a Skirt (
Fun with Motion Graphics Design (
Health & Fitness – Fundamental Physical Conditioning (Online) (
Home Business - Legal & Operational Considerations (
Home Business - Selling Online (
Home Business - What Business to Start? (
Infographics - Design & Presentation (
Introduction to Handmade Leather Accessory (
IT Literacy − Basic Microsoft Powerpoint
IT Literacy − Basic Microsoft Word
IT Literacy − Google Drive Apps (Basic) (
IT Network − Set-up Home & Small Business (Wireless) (
Micro:Bit − Build An Auto-Watering Plant System (
Mindfulness through DIY Hand Creme with Essential Oils (
Sports Taping (
The Art of Laser Cutting - Acrylic (
The Art of Laser Cutting - Wood (