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Course Duration

2 years

Type of course


Campus where course is offered

ITE College East ITE College West

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Can you imagine how chaotic our life will be without electricity? You could be the important person to depend on for reliable and quality power systems.

Apply for this course and be an expert in installing, maintaining, operating and troubleshooting electrical installations, control circuits, electrical equipment and systems in domestic premises, commercial buildings and industrial plants as well as maintain sustainable energy systems involving Photovoltaic Solar System, EV charging installation and Smart Homes.

What you'll learn

  • Design, install, repair, maintain, operate, inspect and test electrical or supply installations where the operating voltage and approved load do not exceed 1,000 volts and 45 kVA respectively
  • Maintain electrical installations and equipment in compliance with relevant codes of practice for electrical installations and other related statutory requirements
  • Install and maintain control and automation equipment and systems for industrial control applications
  • Install and maintain electrical motor and equipment
  • Install and maintain special electrical installations, electric vehicle charging infrastructure equipment, solar photovoltaic installations and fire alarm systems
  • Install and maintain communication and data cabling equipment and systems

Entry Requirements

GCE ‘O’ level grades in any two subjects:

  • Grade 1-8


GCE ‘N’ level passes in Mathematics and two other subjects:

  • Grade A-D or Grade 1-5


  • Applicants for this course must ensure that they are free from colour appreciation deficiency.
  • Students will be required to purchase a Laptop for the course. This is in addition to the course fees. Financial assistance is available to eligible students under ITE Opportunity Fund subject to terms and conditions. For more details on the minimum laptop specifications, please click here.

Progression Opportunities

Nitec in Electrical Technology (Power & Control) graduates with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 may apply for progression to the following Work-Study Diploma courses at ITE:

Nitec in Electrical Technology (Power & Control) graduates with a GPA of 3.0 and above may apply for progression to a Technical Engineer Diploma course at ITE. For more details on progression, please click here.

Nitec in Electrical Technology (Power & Control) graduates with a GPA of 3.5 and above may also apply for progression to the first year of a related diploma course at the Polytechnics. For more details on diploma courses for progression, please refer to the Joint Polytechnic Admissions website.

Nitec in Electrical Technology (Power & Control) graduates may apply for progression to related Higher Nitec courses offered by ITE, if their GPA meets the requirement of 2.3 or 2.8 for the Higher Nitec course. For more information on progression, please click here.

Career Opportunities

Nitec in Electrical Technology (Power & Control) graduates are employed by government departments, statutory boards, electricity generation, transmission and distribution companies, manufacturing plants, and companies dealing in M&E consultancy services, electrical engineering works and building services. Some of the job titles held by graduates include Electrical Technician, Electrical Installation Technician, Electrical Power Technician and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing.

Graduates with 2 years of relevant work experience are eligible to apply for Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) licensed Electrician issued by the Energy Market Authority, which qualifies one to work, test and endorse a completed electrical installation up to 45kVA.